I recently worked with Paul Watkins in connection with a loan modification and foreclosure dispute.  I am a school teacher in San Diego with limited means as a result of the current financial landscape in California for public employees.  My home was at stake in this dispute and the institutional lender was located out of state.  Paul jumped in immediately to extricate me from this nightmare.  First off, Paul prepared an amazing letter to 13 different folks located all over the country including the lender and a number of the lender’s affiliates, the broker, a credit counseling organization, and a loan servicing organization.  The letter carefully laid out the history of my loan, the applicable laws (State and Federal) concerning the loan, the unreasonable, bad faith actions of the lender and its affiliates in commencing the foreclosure and denying my loan modification, and a proposed action plan on my behalf.

Paul was able to save my home from foreclosure by arranging for a very satisfactory loan modification (i.e., under the Home Affordable Modification Program).  And, moreover, Paul was able to eliminate late charges, penalties, interest, etc. and to have my good credit reputation immediately restored.  I will always be indebted to Paul for his prompt, wise advice and actions which literally saved my home from foreclosure.

Paul Muth