Paul Watkins was recommended by a lawyer acquaintance of mine.  My business partner (a former senior executive with a large Wall Street investment group) and I needed a highly experienced, smart, “can do” real estate attorney, for a major acquisition/financing of  an office project.  The lawyer needed to hit the deck running and possess outstanding relationships in the Southern California real estate community including in title, escrow, banking/lending, broker, property management, land use, environmental, survey, architectural, and governmental areas.  Paul was just what we needed for our major acquisition/development of an 11-acre trophy office building/hotel site near a major airport in the Inland Empire.

Paul worked on our project nearly non-stop from before Thanksgiving, 2014 through mid-2015.  The time of day, weekends, holidays, or vacations didn’t matter to Paul.  During this lengthy engagement, Paul “under-promised” and “over-delivered”, on time, every time.  As a result, our transaction was completed exactly as planned and to my complete satisfaction.  We even asked Paul to assist on a post-closing additional loan advance transaction; he again jumped in on a moment’s notice to offer a legal hand.  Paul was responsive, knowledgeable, and pro-active during the entire engagement.

Paul’s strengths were his knowledge of land use issues, the Subdivision Map Act, ALTA/NSPS Survey issues, environmental site assessment issues, purchase and sale agreement/escrow issues, real estate finance issues, commercial landlord/tenant issues, and complex title issues.  Paul will continue to be our “go to” guy on any real estate-related matters.

Bruce L

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